How To Buy Books about Christianity Online

If you look for books about Christianity in your local bookstore, you might end up being a bit disappointed with the small selection that you are likely to find. You will readily find Old Testament and New Testament Bibles, and probably a few books on enlightenment, the lives of saints, and books on spiritual health. But if you're looking for really interesting fare, you have more of a chance to find something if you browse for it online. Here's how to access a few sites when you're shopping for books about Christianity:

  • Christianity This website is being updated regularly and is run by some especially devoted people who are actively involved in spreading the word of God. It offers everything from articles on spirituality, women, the Church, Christian life and culture, to free e-mail newsletters, book and movie reviews with Christian readings, and a shop from which you can order a variety of Christian books, videos, songs and music singles by popular artist like Gaithers, Hillsong, Third Day, Casting Crowns, Selah, and Matthew West. You can also shop for Christian-themed music by the genre they appear in. The books that are featured in Christianity Today's weekly specials can also have as much as thirty to fifty percent cut off from their price tag.
  • Christianity 101. This site is dedicated to helping seekers of the faith develop a life of Christianity. It offers resources related to Bible studies and the practical application of lessons learned from studying the faith. This site was begun by Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz, the people behind the popular Bruce and Stan's Guide Books, which cover various topics concerning Christian life. If you're very much interested in finding out about God, the Catholic Church, the relevance of Jesus, the Bible and its message, or have questions about life, death, prophecies and the Revelation, and the role of religion in modern life, they offer a variety books that especially deal with such things. One book, for example, entitled Creation and Evolution 101, deals with the taboo topic of religion in relation to science.
  • Catholic Online. This site is worth visiting for its insightful movie, TV and book reviews. If you are interested about how "Lions for Lambs" fared, or if you want a list of good books, you can look into this site. They have as much as a thousand titles available. You can do some quick comparison shopping for books in Catholic Online, and avail of special discounts and even earn coupons when you order. They also boast of their safe transactions when you do choose to purchase something from them.
  • Sacred This is a large online archive of books on spirituality, mythology and religion. To keep the books in the archive freely available to everyone, the site hosts have a link to Ordering a book through the link would therefore be counted as helping to keep the site running, so if you're interested in keeping Sacred Text's archive open, this is the place to buy your Christianity books.


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