How To Do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Defense against punch

This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique is illustrated by Mauricio Gomes and his son Roger Gracie.

  1. As your opponent punches, duck (and weave to the side) and step forward to close your distance.
  2. Step to the outside of your opponents leading leg, and grab him behind both knees.
  3. Lift your opponent by lifting his legs, as he falls forwards support his weight on your shoulder by straightening your back.
  4. Push your head into your opponent's body, and pull is legs in the opposite direction (past your leading leg). This will take your opponent to the ground.
  5. Throw your leg over his body. As you do this, hold on the his trousers to stop him from raising his leg to block your pass.
  6. Finish your technique in the mount position.


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