How To Choose a Bike

First, choose your aspiration below:

  • Be Lance and conquer the French Alps
  • Explore the back trails of my local park
  • Ride leisurely with my spouse or children
  • Lose weight and get/stay in shape
  • No car, therefore I bike
  • I saw a dude ride off a cliff and I want to do it too

The Right Bike for You

Believe it out not, the aspirations listed above can be funneled neatly into two main types of riding called Road and Mountain Biking. For ever thing else in between, the Hybrid bicycle was created as a compromise between the two.

  1. Road Bikes are designed to be ridden on roads and well paved surfaces due to standards in tire width and tread, position and part selection. Venturing off the pavement can be disastrous and not recommended. Efficiency and speed are two key characteristics that set road bikes apart from Mountain and Hybrid bicycles. Ideally, a road bike is for you if speedy commutes and conquering the French Alps is atop your list of aspirations.
    how to choose a bike
  2. Mountain Bikes are designed for durability and are the most robust and versatile of the three. Mountain bikes, unlike road bikes can be taken off-road and ridden aggressively (off cliffs if intended) enabled by standards in durability, tire width and tread, and position. In the realm of aspirations, Mountain Bikes are all encompassing and can be ridden wherever you want to go.
  3. Hybrid Bikes fill the void when Road and Mountain bikes can't and are exactly what they're name implies. Simply put, a Hybrid bicycle is a combination of a road and mountain bike. Hybrid Bikes offer a more neutral position on the bicycle and can be ridden on light dirt surfaces.

Now that you've identified the type of bike for your riding needs, all you need to do is head to your local bike shop and start riding.


  • Fit is the most important part of choosing a bike, be sure that you get fitted properly by a bicycle professional.
  • Do as much research as it takes to make yourself feel knowledgeable and comfortable with choosing your bike.
  • Be sure that the type of bicycle you choose suits the riding you intend on doing.
  • Wear a helmet and ride your bike as often as possible.


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