How To Avoid a Grizzly Bear

There is no better way to bond with your children during the warm summer months than spending a night as a family under the stars. Camping in the great outdoors can be a wonderful experience, but it can be a dangerous one as well. Every year unsuspecting campers fall victim to Grizzly bear attacks because they do not educate themselves on proper camping procedure. If you are planning your family's next vacation to your favorite state park, or wilderness hide away, then you must know how to avoid a Grizzly bear.

If you are planning to camp at a state park, ask one of the park rangers if there have been any recent bear attacks. If so, you may want to consider finding an alternate destination. If you do still plan to stay in the park, keep away from areas that naturally attract bears such as berry bushes, and sites that are adjacent to streams or rivers.

Be aware of your surroundings. Teach your children to be vigilant as well. The more sets of eyes you have scanning the woods for Grizzly bears, the better. Bears will mark their territory by destroying patches of bark on trees, and they also have been known to leave very large holes in the ground as a result of digging for food. If you come across the body of a dead animal, leave the area as quickly as possible. The smell of the rotting carcass will attract Grizzly bears.

The best way to avoid a Grizzly bear is to keep your camp site as neat and odor free as possible. Never leave food laying around. If you do plan on cooking, choose foods that do not give off a strong odor. If you are staying for an extended period of time, place anything edible in a durable sack that can be tied to a tree. The higher off the ground you can keep your food, the better. If you spill food on your clothing, change immediately. The smell of your stained clothing will obviously attract a bear if you go on a hike later that day.

If you do find yourself in the path of a Grizzly bear, and you are unarmed, your best option is to play dead. If you have a rifle, fire it. There are bear repellent sprays on the market that are quite effective, but a gun or rifle is always your best line of defense.


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