How To Be a Major League Baseball Fan

What is it to become a real baseball fan? What does it take to actually eke out the distinction of being considered a die-hard baseball fan? Many people would say that this is easier said than done. With baseball, America’s national pastime, people take this very seriously. Many people will try to outdo one another by giving proof that they are indeed bigger fans of the team than the other guy. Some will quote stats, while others will quote baseball history. Here are a few tips so that you can keep in the know about your favorite team, and establish yourself to be a true baseball fan.

First things first, you must do the most basic thing possible—you need to watch a lot of games! When it comes to watching baseball games, nothing beats watching them live. The experience itself should be a buffet for your senses – the smell of the field, the roar of the crowd when the perfect homer is hit, the crack of the bat, people selling hot dogs and nuts and other candies. All these aspects are part and parcel of what makes the game great, of what makes it America’s pastime. Do yourself a favor and get yourself tickets to watch a real live game. Try getting MLB tickets, watching college baseball games or minor league games. You will be doing yourself a favor by going out and buying tickets to the game. You might even pick up a thing or two from the people you’re sitting with. Try and strike up a conversation with a few. You may learn new things about the team and its players, plus you’ll be expanding your social network.

Learn the rules of baseball, and find out what rankings, standings and statistics mean. As with any other sport, a player’s performance and the team’s performance are always measured by numbers. These statistics are indicators of how well a team is playing, and whether or not they have the synergy necessary to win. You will need to learn what the percentages mean as well. Educate yourself in the jargon; make sure that you understand it so that you can get into conversations with other fans that share the same passion for baseball you have.

You will need to pick a team. Most people pick their local team based on the fact that whether they win or lose is a matter of local community pride, and they might even see the players in the city. Of course, you can pick more than one team to follow. The key is to find a connection between yourself and one of the players, or what the team stands for. There must be some driving factor as to why you would like to follow a specific team. You might like the fact that there is an underdog story in one of the teams, or you might be impressed by the way the coach has turned around a losing team. Whatever the case, find something to identify with in a team, and you should be well on your way. Interest will eventually lead to passion, which is what truly makes real baseball fans.


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