How To Be a Tony Stewart Fan

Tony Stewart has come a long way in NASCAR racing. He earned the title early on of "Smoker".  He wasn't very good about not slipping the right-rear tire, in the beginning, so people started calling him "Smoker", and then it got shortened to just "Smoke". Through time the moniker has stayed with him. Here's how to be a loyal fan.

To be a real fan of a NASCAR driver is to stay with him through thick and thin.  Even if he has a bad year or two.  Many people say they are fans of one driver or the other, but as soon as that driver isn't doing so well, they find themselves another driver.

Tony Stewart is a two-time Sprint Cup Series Champion and has scored 11 championships since he first started in go-kart racing in 1978, in Indiana.

Most of Tony's fans went with him when he announced in July of 2008 that he was leaving Joe Gibbs Racing and becoming an owner/driver in the Sprint Cup Series with Stewart-Haas Racing.  And now with Ryan Newman driving for Tony in the No. 39 U. S. Army Chevrolet, Tony fans get another driver to cheer on.

One of the best things you can do as a NASCAR driver fan is to collect everything the driver has out there to collect.  Starting with EBay, and doing your homework on what is worth something and what isn't, you can sometimes find some really great bargains to collect.  Try checking out or one of the many Beckett collecting magazines for prices on whatever item you're interested in collecting.  If you're going to collect your favorite driver's items, like Tony Stewart's, you need to know what is worth collecting. Beckett is the best place to start.

Then of course you want to go to as many races as you can to watch Tony Stewart race, and hopefully if you're lucky enough, you'll get his autograph at the track.  You'll want to get a pit pass to get a better chance to run into him.  This will allow you to get into the pits for a certain amount of time before the race and will give you a better chance to get to see Tony in person. So bring your favorite Tony Stewart card with you to get signed.

There are lots of collectibles to be had at the races too.

So bring out all your Tony Stewart Race memorabilia, grab a cold drink and find your favorite TV chair and let's go racing!


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