Building Your Own Gun

Building your own gun can be an enjoyable and rewarding project for any shooting enthusiast. When building a gun, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the process go smoothly.

The first step in the gun building process is to do thorough research. The first thing to research is the type, caliber, and design of the gun you would like to build. Next, and possibly the most important part of the process, is to research safety precautions. Building a gun is a task that should be approached with respect and caution. Tolerances must be closely followed and corners should not be cut.

After the research is done, the next step is to buy the supplies. Building a gun requires a lot of parts and supplies. Depending on the type of gun you are building, you may have to visit several different retailers to find all of the supplies that are needed. The internet can be a valuable tool in locating everything you need.

The safety issues comes into play once again when selecting parts. It is always tempting to buy a less expensive part, especially when it looks identical to its more expensive counterpart. This is not always the best plan, as the more expensive parts are sometimes made using better machinery and materials. The building of a gun is a complicated process that probably requires some improvisation, no matter how much planning is done ahead of time.

The last step in the gun building process is the assembly of the parts. This is where some mechanical inclination is a great help. Unless you purchased some sort of kit, or all of the parts come from one manufacturer, there will probably be some modifications required. A good set of punches and files will be a valuable asset for building a gun. Some parts will probably be too large, others lopsided, and most will have some sort of extra material left on them from the manufacturing process. Once you think you have the final product completed, cycle the action a few times and take it all apart again. This will allow you to see where there is excessive friction and what areas may need more trimming or filing. When everything fits as you would like it, it is time to test the function. Before introducing the gun you made to live ammo, always do plenty of dry firing with Snap Caps or a similar product. Now, enjoy shooting your new gun!


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