How To Buy a Dirt Bike

Buying a new, or gently loved, dirt bike can be a fun new purchase for the entire family.  You can hit the trails with your friends, or introduce your kids to the exciting world of outdoor sports.  It can be a large purchase, and isn't something you should enter into ignorantly.  Here's how to buy a dirt bike.

Before you even step into a store, do a little research about dirt bikes on the internet.  There are several considerations that should be kept in mind during this initial step.  What is your weight, height and experience level?  What style of bike would you like to purchase?  Is this a vehicle your kids will also be using?  Do you want to buy new, or used?  This step could take quite some time, but it's better to get some idea of what you want before you spend your money on the first shiny new toy you see.

Next, when feel you are ready to buy a dirt bike, step into the store, and seek out a member of the sales staff.  Ask questions.  Utilize their expertise.  They can offer you a lot of advice, and help you make the choice that best fits your needs.  This is also a great time to take a few test drives.  Drive as many bikes as it takes.  If you find one that you feel comfortable on, great.  If not, keep shopping.  Don't feel pressured by the staff to purchase anything on that first day.

Visit another store if you want to do a little comparison shopping.  You can also check your local newspaper or the internet if you want to purchase a used bike.  If you find a listing that sounds promising, ask the seller to meet you at a local trail or dirt bike track.  It's a good idea to bring along a friend to give you another opinion.  If the bike seems to be in decent shape, ask the seller if he or she wouldn't mind a mechanic taking a look before any money exchanges hands.

Now that you've taken these steps to buy a dirt bike, it's time to talk accessories.  The number one purchase that should be made before your first ride is a helmet.  You can't be too careful, and it also sets an example if you plan on allowing your children to watch you take your first ride.


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