How To Buy Camping Chairs

Let's assume that you don’t go camping; you still need to sit down from time to time, no matter where you travel.  You could risk just sitting on the ground or leaning against a wall, but a better solution is to carry with you a lightweight but sturdy camping chair.  There are many reasons to buy camping chairs, other than just for camping. Here's how to find the best chair for your needs.

Community Events

Everyone loves a parade, but not everyone loves waiting around for the parade to start.  This is where buying a camping chair comes in handy.  If you have to wait, you may as well be comfortable.  Many camping chairs weigh only a few pounds because they are just metal frames and a few tough pieces of fabric.  These will be strong enough for parades, attending picnics, outdoor concerts in the park or a demonstration in front of the local courthouse.


Buying camping chairs actually makes more sense than buying traditional beach chairs for going to the shore.  They are lighter, are easier to brush sand off of and if they are stolen, it's no big deal.  Another advantage of buying camping chairs as opposed to beach chairs is that they are far less expensive.


Although the pace of life is rushed, it seems as if we spend more time waiting in lines than we do rushing about.  For example, if you are waiting in line to buy concert tickets to a popular event, then chances are you will be stuck in that line several hours or more.  You may as well be comfortable.

Purchasing a Camping Chair

There are a number of places you can go to purchase a camping chair: sporting goods supply stores, chain stores such as Kmart or Meijer, and even online malls such as eBay.  When purchasing your new camping chair, it's important to keep the chair's intended use in mind, as described above. 

For example, if you're going to be outside in inclement weather, you may want to purchase chairs with waterproofing and those that are made with sturdier fabrics that can withstand the elements.  If you will mainly be using your chairs on the beach during sunny or mild days, then a chair that's made from less sturdy fabric will still give you years of comfort.


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