How To Buy F1 Merchandise

F1 merchandise can be found at a very affordable price. You certainly want the officially licensed apparel and you are going to want to feel like your favorite Formula 1 driver. You can buy an official Formula 1 jacket for a little bit over eighty dollars at some places. This is a very good deal given the high quality of the jackets we are talking about. You can get the Formula 1 jacket in several different colors, including red and black. You can also buy officially licensed mugs and hats. The hats are very similar, if not complete replicas of what some of the drivers wear when they go to celebrate in victory lane.

The caps that you get can also vary by the team that you want. An example of this would be how you can buy a cap that represents the BMW team. You can also get a hat for the Nico Rosberg team at the same price that you could get for the BMW hat. I would venture to say however that the BMW hat would be worth more money in the future, given that it has the BMW name on it.  he really cool item that kids may really love is the officially licensed F1 racing suit that you can get for around seventy bucks. The race suit can come in kids' sizes so wearing this can really make them feel like they are out there on the race track.

You do not have to focus exclusively on the Formula 1 official store to find good deals on F1 merchandise. Although I am sure that Formula 1 Chief Executive Officer Bernie Ecclestone would prefer to see you shopping there. Seeing people buy these official items is part of the reason why Mr. Eccelstone happens to be a billionaire. You just have to be careful that when you buy Formula 1 merchandise from other sources that you aren't being ripped off in the process. You can buy Ferrari Formula 1 toy cards made by Mattel at Amazon for around twenty eight dollars for a fairly large set of cars. These Mattel cars should be safe and fun to play with, whether you are talking about an activity for a little kid or someone who is just a little kid at heart.

There are also plenty of good books out there about the experiences that can be had within Formula 1 Racing. So if you are a bookworm who enjoys racing as well, you could get hooked on some of the stories that you find written by Formula 1 drivers or mechanics.


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