How To Buy Gymnastics Leotards

The world of gymnastics calls for specialized clothing which allows the athlete to move freely and display clean body lines throughout the entire performance. Clothing that is not streamlined and structured both hinders and distracts from the gymnast's extensive strength and flexibility. For these reasons, girls and women in the sport of gymnastics wear leotards, both for practice and for competition. Gymnastics leotards are a beautiful fundamental of the sport and can be purchased in a variety of options. Not only are leotards practical for the demands of the sport but also stunning pieces of clothing to unite a team or capture the judges' attention. Here's how to buy the best pieces for your needs.

Practice leotards are those which will be worn day in and day out through the grueling hours of training put in by gymnasts. Typically, these leotards are sleeveless and simple without fancy embellishments or bold designs. In the practice gym, athletes usually don't have a dress code, freeing teammates to wear whatever they enjoy best. Some practice leotards may be a simple black piece while others might be a bright green or pink. Whatever the design, practice leotards are very uniform in style and durable in material for long-lasting wear.

Competition leotards are beautiful, unique works of art for the gymnasts to model during meets. Typically, teams will all have matching leotards, and then each member will have special competition leotards for individual competitions. Leotards for competitions have long sleeves and are embellished with everything from rhinestones to lace. The designs are typically much bolder, the colors brighter and more beautiful, and the styles are sophisticated and eye-catching overall.

Purchasing gymnastics leotards is something that you can do in many places. Local dance or sports shops as well as department stores often have simple practice leotards. You can buy a plain sleeveless, short-sleeved, or long-sleeved black or pink leotard just about anywhere that sells girls' clothing. If you're looking for larger sizes, though, you may have to focus on dance stores or online boutiques. These simple leotards are great for beginners, but as athletes get further into the sport, purchasing leotards will get more extensive.

Online boutiques are the best bet for finding any type of gymnastics leotards. There are many companies which manufacture lines of both practice and competition leotards once or twice a year for a high-quality, fresh selection to keep gymnasts wearing the best leotards. Most manufacturers of leotards also offer a custom competition leotard option for teams wanting to create their own styles. Whatever the option, purchasing leotards is usually a simple matter of measuring, choosing colors and designs, and being ready to wear something that shows off what the gymnast can do!


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