How To Buy Hockey Equipment

If you've decided to start playing the sport of hockey there are several pieces of equipment you will need to purchase.  Most equipment for individual hockey players is basically safety gear.  Hockey is a fast-paced dangerous sport, and it's important to protect yourself as much as you can.  Some equipment is optional and not entirely mandatory, but it will all help you enjoy the game in a safer manner. Here's how to get started on buying your gear.

Equipment used for hockey includes a helmet with a face mask. Many of the injuries received in hockey are to the face and head, and a good helmet will help keep this from being an issue. A chin guard should be purchased with the helmet and mask to make sure they fit together correctly. You will also need a mouth guard to protect your teeth.

Hockey pants will be needed and most come with built-in padding that cover your kidneys, thighs and hips. These can also help keep you from sliding on the ice. Shoulder pads and chest protecting pads will provide your collarbone with an added measure of protection, and will also guard your arms. They are made so you can still move freely. There are many types available; these should always be tried on before purchasing, to make sure they fit properly. Gloves and elbow pads are necessary for ice hockey and should fit snugly. They help protect your fingers and elbows from injuries from other players' hockey sticks. Elbow pads should also be fitted for the correct size, and should cover not only your elbows but the sides of your elbows also. Properly fitting leg guards are recommended. It's best to make sure they are the correct length.

A hockey stick is a must and you will need to buy this in person to make sure you feel comfortable with it.  The stick must be strong, and durable.  They are available for left or right handed players. Finally, you will need a good pair of skates that are comfortable. Double check the seams on your skates, and make sure the boots are properly connected to the blade; you don't want your skates to give out a crucial moment!


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