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While golfing has not generally been dubbed "America's pastime", its popularity has been growing steadily throughout the years.  The men of Scotland are acknowledged as the very first golf addicts, but English and American golfers have definitely caught the addiction. The very first golf club maker plied his trade beginning in 1603, since then there have been many companies but none as well known as Ping.  When you buy Ping Golf clubs, you are buying quality and innovation. Here's how to buy them.

Ping Golf clubs began in humble surroundings and became an American success story. Founder Karsten Solheim created his distinctive club in his garage at home in 1959, and the club got its name from the pinging sound it makes when hitting golf balls. The Phoenix, Arizona-based company has been handed down from family member to family member and is currently celebrating 50 years of making fine golf clubs.

When golfers buy Ping Golf clubs they know they are buying not just a rod of iron, but a club that has been designed using the newest and best software available to ensure performance and handling. Creators use virtual platforms to test clubs for maximum "moment of inertia", crown thickness and face thickness; that way, they know exactly how each and every driver will perform.

Perhaps you are a wood fan.  Ping's Fairway Woods have higher trajectories and increased distance.  Hybrids increase launch angle and reduce spin.  Ping uses the best metal for their Irons to give maximum forgiveness and reduce your score.  Ping's innovative tear drop design for their Wedges offers multiple loft/balance combinations to match anyone's game.  The new iN putters have a nano-nickel insert that produces a solid sound and feel.  Each iN putter is engineered with center body cutouts for increased stability.  Women who buy Ping Golf clubs can expect the same sound engineering and design as the men. Generally speaking, women have slower golf swings, but with technology and custom fitting Ping offers lower scores and better performance for women of all levels and ages.

After fifty years of experience, it's clear that if you want the innovation, the newest in technology and fantastic customer service you have to buy Ping Golf clubs. One of the most endearing aspects of this family-owned company is custom fitting.  At Ping, they design and fit their golf clubs to you, the golfer. Visit any golf club retailer or visit Ping's own website for custom fitting and sound advice when selecting your clubs.


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