How To Buy Roller Skates

So you're looking to buy roller skates?

Your first step would be to determine your shoe size. Roller skates, like shoes and sneakers, come in sizes ranging from 5 to 12 generally. Use your shoe size to guide your choice of size in roller skates because they will fit in the same manner.

The next thing you should determine is the purpose for you buying roller skates:

Are you looking for speed? If so, you should buy "Speed Roller Skates." These skates are optimized for speed and will allow you to go at the fastest possible rate. Depending on your level of competition, buying theses roller skates will cost you from 50 to 800 dollars. There are many models available in each price range.

Are you looking to play roller derby? If so, you should buy 'Roller Derby Skates." These skates are designed for roller derby competition. Again, depending on how serious you are about roller derby, these skates range in price from 70 to 800 dollars. There are fewer models to choose from as compared to speed roller skates but there is still a variety of price ranges.

Are you looking to skate around outdoors? If so, you should buy "Outdoor Roller Skates." These roller skates are meant to stand up to the elements more and feature wheels that are made for concrete and asphalt. Buying roller skates in this category is easier on your wallet. They are more modestly priced and range from 30 to 400 dollars. There are many models to choose from and are available in most sporting goods stores.

Are you unsure of what your roller skating future will hold and just want a pair to get started on? If so, you should buy "Roller Skates." These are very similar to outdoor roller skates in quality and design with the exception of wheels. The wheels featured on these roller skates are a little less durable than the outdoor skates but are good nonetheless. To buy roller skates in this category you will probably spend between 30 and 750 dollars.

Finally, if you are planning on doing different things with your roller skates and want to be able to make adjustments on a regular basis, a good bet is to build your own roller skates. You can pick your boots, frame, wheels, and barrings. You can buy multiple items in each category and give yourself the ability to change from outdoor to indoor or from speed to regular with a quick adjustment. For the roller skating enthusiast this is probably the best option.


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