How To Buy Ski Jackets

When you decide to buy the perfect ski jacket, you will have to keep a few things in mind besides style and good looks. Skiers use several layers of clothing to enhance personal comfort and safety in ever changing slope or environmental changes. You will need to make the right choices so that all of your layering works together with your new ski jacket.

Layering explained

There are three layers you must have:

1st Layer: Thermal underwear
2nd Layer: Turtlenecks or fleece tops and insulated pants
3rd Layer: Ski jackets

These three layers control how the warmth of your body will be contained and controlled. Layering helps pull perspiration away from your body, and that keeps your body warmer.  Wearing layers also allows you to add or remove items as the weather changes, keeping your body comfortable throughout your day.

Which ski jacket should you buy?

Purchase your ski jacket depending on the weather, temperature, and type of snow where you will be skiing.  Thicker fabrics may be better in situations where you may not need too much maneuverability, but more flexible jackets will be necessary for downhill skiing and skiing in more challenging snows.

Terms you need to know

  1. Waterproof Keeps moisture out longest period of time; is less breathable.
  2. Water Resistant Keeps moisture out for long periods; can become saturated.
  3. Breathable Perspiration can escape; outside moisture stays outside.
  4. Insulation Rating If you wear layers you need less insulation in outer clothing.
  5. Venting Venting system allows perspiration out and no moisture in; these are usually found in the jacket's armpits.
  6. Windproof No wind can pass through your clothing.
  7. Wicking Connected to the inside shell layer; helps carry perspiration away from body.
  8. Sealed (taped) Seams These will stop the elements from seeping inside your jacket.
  9. Hard Shells They are more waterproof and windproof, but less breathable.
  10. Soft Shells They allow for more movement and are more breathable.

There are other choices within the styles of ski jackets to consider.

  1. Kind of pockets You will be using gloves - Can you open the pockets while wearing the gloves? How big are they?
  2. Hoods Do you want this to be attached or removable? Covering your head retains your body warmth.
  3. Cuffs Will they keep snow and other elements from getting inside your jacket?
  4. Zipper Covering Is there a flap over the zipper to keep elements, cold air, rain and wind out?
  5. Other options Lift ticket rings and oversized pull cords are handy, as they can eliminate the need for removing your gloves.

After you have considered the above options for ski jackets, choose your perfect ski jacket. You will look stylish, have more fun, and be safer on the ski slopes.


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