How To Buy Soccer Gear

Soccer is perhaps one of the most popular sports amongst youngsters and teenagers in today's modern culture. The combination of running and kicking as well as both a fun and competitive spirit makes soccer an enjoyable sport for all. Whether you play for fun, for a community team, for a school team, or for a more competitive team, you'll need some soccer gear to get you started in the right direction. Here's a general list of items you'll need to purchase before playing anything more than a pick-up game of soccer.

Start with some good shoes, preferably cleats of some sort. Sneakers are a fine start if you don't have any other options, butthey  won't get as good traction on the grass and are more likely to slow you down or cause you to slip. A good pair of cleats can be found in a number of retail outlets, but a good place to start would be a used sports store. Here you'll be able to find some cheap, often only slightly used pairs of cleats which can be beaten up and played in. This is an especially good option if you're purchasing shoes for a child whose feet continue to grow.

Secondly, you'll want to get a sturdy pair of shin guards to protect yourself during the game. If you think you can get by without them, just play one round of soccer and then measure the bruising and pain on your shins. It is almost impossible to get through even a half of a soccer game without getting hit in the shins several times, and you'll do yourself a favor if you get some shin guards. Find a pair that fits snugly around your shins and isn't scratchy or irritating. Again, you can find these at used sports stores or any sports stores in your area.

To cover up the shin guards, you'll need to purchase a pair of soccer socks. If you're playing on a team, you'll likely get a pair of team-colored socks which will be worn at least for games, if not for practices as well. However, if you just need your average pair of soccer socks, a local sports store will likely carry plain black or red socks.

And finally, you need to get a soccer ball or two. Because of the immense popularity of the sport, it is quite easy to come by soccer balls. Almost any local department or sports stores will carry plenty of soccer balls and even offer a wide range of color choices as well.

Grab a bag, throw all your gear in, and hit the soccer field!


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