How To Catch Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout are among the most popular game fish in the United States. They can be found all over (from Alaska to Mexico) but especially in coastal river waters. They grow extremely quickly and can get very big. They are freshwater fish and can be found in streams, rivers and lakes. They are also one of the most attractive fish to look at because of their variations in bright colors along their body. It is not only a beautiful fish but also one of the more delicious fish to eat.  Due to many factors rainbow trout, can be very easy or very difficult to catch.

Before fishing, it is important to know how fishing for rainbow trout is regulated in your state or province. You should buy a fishing license and any other documents that are required in your area. You should also pick up a copy of your state's regulation booklet that outlines the limits and restrictions of fishing where you are.  If you don't abide by these rules you can be fined a lot of money.

The first step in knowing how to catch the rainbow trout is to be able to identify it. Most have a greenish brown body with a red strip running along the fish's side. The name of the fish can be attributed to the beautiful color variations.

You should use a four to five pound test line to fish the river for trout.  If you are in a larger body of water you might need stronger tackle. Larger fish will live in these larger bodies of water.

Be sure to collect enough bait.  Rainbow trout prefer live bait such as worms, insects or crawfish. Many anglers also have success using minnows or fish eggs, as these seem to attract many trout.

Your bait should be cast into grassy areas that are slower moving. If you are fly fishing, cast your line over fallen or sunken logs. Rainbow trout are prevalent in these areas because these areas are where insects tend to be.

On hot and sunny days, rainbow trout usually hide in deeper waters to stay away from the heat.  It is easiest to catch trout on cloudy days when it is cooler.  It is important to remember that they prefer cold water streams and large lakes with deep waters.

Whenever you hook a rainbow trout you will find that they will often leap out of the water.  They will continue to do this until you successfully catch the fish or - if they are lucky - they break free.


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