How To Choose Baseball Pants

Picking the right pair of baseball pants is something that can be slightly more involved than a person might think. Each player usually has his own preferences, and as with any piece of clothing it is largely a matter of personal taste. When selecting the right baseball pants for you here's how to go about it:

  1. Length - Length is a key factor to consider, mainly for the aesthetic implications it has in choosing the perfect pair of baseball pants. Many players wear their pants with their socks showing, while others wear them to cover their cleats. Baseball pants can be anywhere from knee length to heel length, and this is purely based on personal preference.
  2. Color - Although most of the time color is not up to the player when choosing his baseball pants (as team colors are usually set by management), it should still be considered.  Another thing to keep in mind when making your choice of baseball pants is that gray baseball pants are much easier to wash than white baseball pants and don't show as much dirt. Also something about color that can be learned only through experience: most pairs of white pants are at least partially see through, so be careful!
  3. Thickness of material - When trying to find baseball pants, thickness of material is the feature that can save you the most money. Baseball pants are prone to ripping, especially on the upper thigh because of sliding in the dirt. Try and look for baseball pants that have a little more padding on the thighs. This will prevent rips and save you from running to the store for another pair of pants in the bottom of the ninth inning!
  4. Fit - The most important aspect of getting baseball pants is the way they fit. Some players, like Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley, choose tight baseball pants, while others such as Manny Ramirez of the Los Angeles Dodgers choose very loose pants. Whatever decision you make on your baseball pants, it is important to make sure they are comfortable and do not impede movement when running or stretching.

As previously mentioned, choosing the right pair of baseball pants is largely a matter of personal preference, no one can tell you how to buy the perfect pair of pants but you. Just make sure the baseball pants you choose are comfortable, and get ready to PLAY BALL!


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