How To Choose Burton Snowboards

With fire in your heart, you can feel every indentation in the ground as the sensations of sailing across powder reaches up the sinews of your legs. Shredding down the slopes and catching air on the pipes, you are a soldier in a rebellious army of extreme sports warriors. No warrior is complete without a weapon of choice. The elite among these warriors choose Burton snowboards.

The first step to choosing a Burton snowboard is to decide on the length. When set on its tail end beside you, a snowboard should reach to some distance between your nose and your chin. Width is generally the next metric used, and one should make sure that their Burton snowboard has sufficient width to hold one's foot. Otherwise, one's heel will drag in the snow when hitting the powder.

A rider's own weight is important when choosing a snowboard, and heavier riders are going to choose Burton snowboards with a good amount of stiffness to them. Likewise, lighter riders are going to want a snowboard with a greater deal of flex to them. Burton Snowboards offer many models, and these conditions will not be difficult to satisfy. However, the type of board is dependent on what activity a snowboarder will be engaging in.

Someone who is carving downhill for most of their ride will select an alpine board. Snowboarders who are going to shred and freeride will be most at home with an all-mountain board. For those who want to catch air and ride with hardcore tricks, a freestyle or technical board is a necessity, considering that they are the most forgiving.

A lot of riders will choose Burton snowboards based on the graphics. While sweet artwork is a great way to feel connected to your ride, the above metrics are vastly more important than the underside graphics. That being said, there is no reason to have to sacrifice having this method of self-expression, since once one has met the other qualifications they have free reign with this option. Though today the snowboarding crowd is vast, the sport has close ties to the punk and alternative communities. This makes it safe for adventurous artistic expression, and there are a large variety of options available.

Burton Snowboards have been with us since 1977. They have a long history of being on the cutting edge of a sport that has always been cutting edge. One can never go wrong with their righteous line.


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