How To Choose Gymnastics Floor Music

Gymnastics is an international sport that requires great flexibility, strength, balance, alertness, and at the same time still embodies grace through each and every muscle movement. There are four disciplines of gymnastics—these are rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, sports and trampoline and all of them use a variety of floor music. When choosing floor music for a routine, you can always choose any music that you like, or anything that best suits you. What is essential is how you are going to represent the music that you are going to choose and how well you perform and be able to show those signature styles and moves.  Music can make a superb performance, one that delivers a message to the audience while the gymnast moves with the melody of the music. Having great music and an impressive performance that is full of energy is a whole great package.

Floor music has three main categories, which are pop, classical and variety. The gymnast can choose from the three categories, depending on the speed and style of the athlete. The music can also be popular club music or even a folk song. The choices are endless. The gymnast and the coach could work together to arrange an original composition of floor music. This is a great idea and will make the performance unique. For an original composition, here are some simple guidelines:

  1. First you have to determine the music that is going to be used. It is crucial that the gymnast enjoy the music for a great performance. Also consider the melody of the music, because it will dictate the tempo and the intensity of the movements.
  2. Next is to obtain music editing software. Learn how to edit the music, and then begin with taking notes on the segments that you want to use.
  3. The last step is to put together the segments and make the music flow smoothly. Pay attention to the tempo and transitions of the music. Frankly, the first version is not going to sound like a professional piece, but with practice you’ll get it right. All you need is a minute and a half of music, and the rule is that there should be no lyrics.

Rudolfe Bode is one of the pioneers who specialized in composing gymnastics floor music. He points out that floor music for gymnasts can be improvised to draw attention to the gymnast’s grace and overall performance.

Whether choosing the right music or trying to compose some for the routine, the chosen music will be a crucial element, and key for a successful overall routine.


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