How To Choose Hunting Rifles

Bolt action hunting rifles are by far the favorite choice of hunters of all types of game. This type of hunting rifle works by engaging and ejecting the cartridge with the use of a bolt.  The action of this hunting rifle slides forward and backward to engage and eject.  Bolt action rifles can take a few more seconds to load than the alternatives, but most hunters opt for this type of hunting rifle over its counterparts due to the reliability of the gun and the design.

Weatherby, considered by many avid hunters to be the absolute best hunting rifle on the market, is designed with nine locking lugs on their bolt action hunting rifles. The benefit to this design is a more secure locking of the cartridge in the chamber, which increase the accuracy of the flight path of the bullet.

As time progresses and technology advances improve, bolt action hunting rifles are becoming state of the art.  The number of locking lugs in bolt action hunting rifles can rage from only one up to Weatherby's nine.  Bolt action hunting rifles have varying types of locking devices. Experts and avid hunters alike tend to agree that the preferred type of action for hunting rifles varies with each individual hunter and their preferences.

Bolt action hunting rifles are versatile enough to be effectively used by beginning hunters and those with many seasons under their belts. The brand and caliber of the hunting rifle  you choose is based on your preference. The choice of which type of hunting rifle must be based on the type of game you will be hunting, the amount of money you want to spend, cost of ammunition, and how the gun feels when you hold it. If the gun is heavy or feels awkward, it may not be the gun you want for your hunting trip.

Rely on what your fellow hunters and firearms dealers have to say about specific rifles.  These people often have many years experience and can recommend the hunting rifle that will best suit your needs. If you have friends and family who hunt, ask them about their preferences. Handle their guns and fire their guns at firing ranges to determine how the gun feels and shoots.

Do diligent research before making a purchase. Be sure to educate yourself before you visit the gun shop.  Remember that no matter how much you spend on your hunting rifle, if you're not an accurate shot, the gun will be as much as worthless. Target practice is vital in becoming accurate and maintaining accuracy.


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