Different Types of Skydiving Stunts

Skydiving is under the category of extreme sports, for obvious reasons. But even if it is an undeniably scary sport, a lot of people worldwide enjoy the thrill of jumping out of a plane hundreds of feet from the ground with nothing more but a parachute. Only with proper orientation with the basic skills and basic gear will you be allowed to go to parachute jumps. Here are some of the skydiving stunts that you may want to try once you have mastered the basics.

  1. Freefall - This is actually the most basic but is a prerequisite before you learn anything else. This usually involves the tandem skydive where you jump off the plane with your instructor so he can show you the actual skydiving routine, and the bird's eye view that you get. Observe everything you can in the first few jumps in tandem, because after a while you will be the one jumping on your own.
  2. Accuracy landing - This is a competitive type of skydiving, because it requires you to land at a specific target in an open field, or whichever target area has been decided. Unlike some that take note of the style while in the air, this type of skydiving focuses on how you land on that target.
  3. BASE jumping - BASE is an acronym for the different places that one can jump off from that is high enough for one to parachute from. These are buildings, antennas, span and Earth. Span refers to bridges, or any suspended structures, while Earth refers to any natural formation that is high enough that one can jump off from. This is considered one of the most extreme because of the dangers involved. Unlike the usual height from a plane, the tallest buildings cannot match up to the airtime you can get just near the clouds. Even antennas cannot be that high.
  4. Sky surfing - These are the guys you see balancing on what seems to be a small version of the snowboard. It is quite hard to master, because you won't only be going down at a high speed, but you have to fight the air pressure pushing on the board while attempting to perform exhibitions. The board can be discarded in cases of emergencies, but since it may endanger spectators from below, extreme caution must be exercised.
  5. Wing suit flying - It is skydiving with a suit with webbed parts on the arms and legs. If you remember Lara Croft (played by Angelina Jolie) jumping off a building in a webbed-like suit in one Tomb Raider movie, that's wing suit flying. It is a bit modernized already because you need to have equipment that would measure your exact velocity and distance before you open your wings and glide.

There may be more skydiving stunts that have not been mentioned, but before you think of getting on that plane (or encouraging someone else) to take you to the drop zone, make sure you know all your basics and have practiced over and over. Be alert on the potential risks that you may encounter while in the air. Good luck, enjoy and stay safe.


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