How To Properly Do a Back Flip

A back flip is an acrobatic move that enables a person to make a full revolution backwards while in the air. The most difficult part in learning a back flip is conquering the fear. Fear is the number one thing that holds back a person. A back flip is one of the basic movements in gymnastics. It would be great for someone to assist you before doing this move—either an experienced person or a gymnast.

You can practice on a trampoline first to study the move. Warm up your body first and do your stretches. Here are some tips before attempting to do a back flip:

  1. Before you do a back flip, you should be able to perfectly perform simple stunts such as a cartwheel, forward roll, backward roll, hand stand, and backhand spring stand. These moves will help you stabilize your balance and build the strength that is needed to perform a back flip.
  2. When performing a back flip, grab your knees and put your chin up for a successful rotation.
  3. While doing the back flip, lean your shoulder forward if you find yourself rotating at a greater speed than expected.
  4. Never look down, keep your eyes level while in the air.
  5. Never perform a back flip if you are not feeling well, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  6. As much as possible perform the stunt with a companion. Just in case an accident happens, someone can get help. It would be much better having a spotter or a coach to assist you with the stunt.
  7. While in the air never hesitate, as it may cause a journey to the hospital. Not fun at all. An improper back flip can leave you paralyzed, injured, or it might even kill you.

Here are the steps in performing a back flip:

  1. First, put one foot slightly in front of the other to give you a sense of steadiness—this is the starting position.
  2. Position your back foot together with the other foot.
  3. Swing the arms forward, and bend the knees. When bending the knees pretend that you are about to sit. Bend the knees at a 90 degree angle to gather the energy before performing the stunt.
  4. Jump straight up, never try to jump backward because you will be unsuccessful; you’ll just lose height.
  5. Tuck the legs into your chest, and spin backward.
  6. When you are close to the end of your rotation, straighten the lower back. The stunt will be so fast that you'll never notice that your feet have already touched the ground. Then bend the knees again to prevent loss of balance, and to minimize the impact. Be sure to land properly. Now that you have learned it, great job!

After learning the back flip, expect that the abdominal muscles will hurt. Just stretch it out and you will be all right.

For beginners, perform back flips in an open area, stretch out your muscles thoroughly and just be confident.


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