How To Do Martial Arts

If you are interested in becoming involved in martial arts or you have a child asking for permission to join martial arts, you'll want to find a good class and a good instructor. If you put in the effort and ask questions, you will find yourself enjoying the martial arts life for a long time.

To do martial arts you must first ask yourself if you feel healthy enough to become involved in a hard workout or if a gentle workout would be better. This will help you decide what is best for you. You also need to take into consideration any injuries you have that could interfere with workouts or need to be worked around.

Look in the yellow pages of your local phone directory for schools listing martial arts training. You can also check you local adult college classes, youth groups, recreation centers or gyms. All of which offer many different types of arts to consider when you decide you want to do martial arts.

If you are looking for training for a child with special needs, or for yourself if you have injuries, you'll need to ask the instructor certain questions. Ask how the instructor feels about working out if pain is involved. If the instructor is a firm believer in working through all pain, this is not a good sign. You need an instructor who knows how to change techniques to suit your ability and disabilities.

You do not want to go into a class and end up with more injuries than you started with. You are going into the class to learn to do the martial arts for which you signed up. So be aware of how classes are taught. Check with friends, and ask if they have heard of the instructor you have talked to. Many times there are students and former students who can give you the real scoop on methods used and if they are more damaging than helpful.

  • If you are strong and looking for a hard workout, consider different types of karate and judo. Both are great arts, but require strength building and stretching. It involve a lot of aerobic type movements and you can build great stamina in these arts.
  • If you are looking to do martial arts in a gentle style, yet learn good techniques, consider tai chi. It's a very good style with gentle, flowing moves. You will build strength, learn how to block blows and throw kicks in a way most gentle for your body. You learn to focus, and it is a great stress relief.

When you have permanent injuries you can learn to work around them with a good instructor. They will take into consideration what the injury is and what part of the body it effects. You can then learn to do martial arts that will not only teach you good techniques for self protection but also to protect the part of the body that is injured.

There are lots of great schools and wonderful instructors for martial arts, but you have to be careful to weed out the few bad ones. Good luck, and enjoy one of the greatest sports in the world. The world of martial arts.


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