How To Do MMA

Mixed Martial Arts has taken off in huge popularity with the major success of Ultimate Fighting Championships and other promotions like StrikeForce and Elite XC.  MMA takes it one step further than boxing as the competetors use light gloves and striking, submissions, and kicking.  These are all legal moves.  The sport has been around since the Acient Roman Days when they used to stage fights in the Colusseum.  Now, MMA is fought in arenas all over the United States and the world.   If you ever want to get into the sport of MMA you better be prepared for hard training and preparing yourself to step into the ring.

To get started in MMA the first thing that you want to have on your side is athletic ability.  It is not a sport like golf where any person can step right in and learn how to play.  MMA is about maneuverability and being able to stand the punishment that entails a fight. The conditioning and training that goes into MMA is just the same as boxing.  If you want to know what hardcore MMA training is like go online and search for information concerning Pat Militech and his Militech Fighting Systems.  Militech was a former UFC fighter who now runs the biggest MMA training center in Bettendorf, Iowa.  The stories of the training that comes from his camp are ones where only the strong will survive.  The thing is if you are able to survive then most likely you are going to be a champion.

The most obvious thing that you want before you decide to get into MMA is having some sort of martial arts, wrestling, or boxing background. A lot of the top champions in MMA were either boxers or wrestlers in their high school and college years.  A brawler can do good in MMA but if he is not skilled in jiu-jitsu or wrestling, he will be useless when the fight goes to the ground just like most do.  A good example of this is the Internet sensation, Kimbo Slice.  There is no better stand up puncher than Kimbo in MMA.  But when he lost his first fight,  it went to the ground and he didn't know what to do and was forced to submit.  The martial arts and wrestling background pays off because you will know how to react during any situation in a fight.  That is the reason that it is called Mixed Martial Arts.

The best thing to do is go online and do a little searching yourself.  There are not many MMA schools around so the best thing to do is take karate classes or wrestling classes.  If you get to the point where you think that you are good enough to compete well then, try it.  Just take this advice.  MMA is the elite fighting sport in the world.  You are going to be going up against some the best conditioned athletes.  Be prepared my friend.  Be prepared.


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