How To Do Track and Field

Track and field takes hard work and determination. It is no easy ride to excel at track and field, and can take years of blood and sweat to be competitive in the top levels of track and field. But no matter if you are in high school, college or running professionally, there is always a plan for you.

Track and Field in high school can be a very fun and rewarding activity to do. It is also the foundations for success or even acceptance for the higher levels of track and field. It may be fun, but it also entails a lot of responsibility to balance your athletics and school work. To join, just talk to the coach of your school's track and field team and he will let you know the prerequisites to allow you on the team. There are also prerequisites needed by the state for you to join a high school team, usually a physical examination and possibly a fee based on the school and the state.

Track and field in college is much more competitive than high school and not just anybody can join the team. The workout routine is also harder and more of a commitment as it is a more competitive level than high school. The actual competitions are more like a professional track meet than a high school one and there are usually more events than a high school track and field meet. Tryouts are needed to join the team unless they lack a certain amount of players which means they may be willing to take on less qualified players. There are recruiters and athletic scholarships for track and field; just like any other sports. The teams are separated into Div. I - Div. VI, depending on the size of the schools, and face off against those schools in their same division.

The highest level of track and field is running professionally, or running in the Olympics. You are paid by sponsors and training is full time. You not only compete in national events but also world events. You are nationally known and can sometimes be treated as a celebrity, such as Usain Bolt.


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