How To Find a Ski Bindings DIN Chart

In order for a skier to take to the slopes properly, the participant will want make certain that they have proper ski binding adjustment. Ski bindings attach to the ski boots, and the adjustments are necessary to find a happy medium for the user between tight grip and balance.

Using an adjustable release mechanism, ski boots attach to the ski at the toe and the heel of each boot. Height, weight, skill level and boot length & type will determine the proper setting for the individual skier. The DIN chart plays a large part in the adjustment process.

The DIN scale is the international scale that determines the proper adjustments for ski bindings worldwide. The scale is designed to ensure the utmost safety measures are undertaken, depending on the contributing factors. It is highly recommended to have these adjustments performed by a professional.

The DIN Range chart is used by measuring the skier's weight and then projecting the proper setting.

Weight / DIN Setting
Up to 125 lbs. / .75 to 4.25
79 to 180 lbs. / 3 to 7
126 to 210 / 5 to 8.5
Over 180 / 6 or more

As the adjustments according to the DIN range are of the utmost importance, it is highly recommended that the user seek out a professional to perform the adjustment. If the user is not a professional, one can find professional adjustments at a local ski shop. If there is no local shop to be found, many ski rental facilities are capable of performing a professional adjustment.

The price of an adjustment costs an average of $40 and should take only a few hours to complete. If not properly adjusted, a number of incidents can occur, including injury to the skier. If the binding is not tight enough, the binding can come loose unexpectedly, causing injury. If the binding is too tight, the binding may not release when it is designed to, which can also result in injury.

The key to proper ski binding adjustment is to be aware of when adjustments are needed. If the skier is going out for the first time or has recently purchased brand new skis, the skis will need adjusting. Other times that ski binding adjustments are necessary are when the user has grown or changed weight by 20 to 30 pounds or more. It is beneficial to have skis adjusted for the first time out each season or when the skier's ability changes.


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