How To Find Cheap Tents

A tent is an important piece of equipment for camping and hiking.  Tenst can often be found at bargain basement prices with just a little work on the part of the buyer.

In the past three or four decades, camping as a sport and the manufacture of camping gear have become more robust industries. With the introduction of more durable, lighter, and stronger material in their manufacture, combined with cheaper means of making these materials, camping gear manufacturers have been able to put more camping gear on the market. Tents are one of the camping items that have benefitted from this revolution in camping equipment expansion.

Tent makers are constantly coming out with new models that replace their older models. In many instances, a savvy shopper can buy a cheap tent by visiting a local camping store and asking if there are any discontinued items for sale. This is particularly true if you visit the store during the offseason when camping stores are trying to turn over their inventory. Deals on outdated models are easy to come by.

With so many manufacturers on the market, it’s easy to find cheap tents at discount stores. There is no reason to go to the specialty camping store to buy a tent; cheap tents can be found that are brand new at most large, national chains. These tents might not be the top of the line but they keep the rain and the critters out just as well.

Another way to buy a cheap tent is to use the internet. Camping enthusiasts like to upgrade their gear as much as sportsmen in any other sport. Combing the internet auction sites is a good way to find cheap tents, but be aware that these items will be used. In many cases, you might have to repair the equipment or find missing parts, or mend broken tent poles. Despite these potential problems it is quite easy in today’s internet society to find extremely good deals on tents via the internet.

A third way to find a cheap tent is to go to garage sales. For many people camping is an on-again, off-again sport. Younger people may enjoy camping prior to marriage and having a family, and find later that they have no time for the sport. Parents may find their children's abandoned camping gear in the attic and want to get rid of it. It is quite common to find older model tents by going around to garage sales.


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