How To Find College Football Bowl Predictions

College football season is one of the most exciting times of the year for fans, students and alumni alike. It is the season when these people watch their teams go head to head with the finest college teams in the country in search of the championship. The game itself is a source of school spirit and individual pride. That being said, the buzz surrounding college football is tremendous. Articles, magazines and websites abound with news on various teams and players. Everyone seems to have an opinion about which teams will fall by the wayside and which teams will go all the way. In the midst of all of this, it can be very easy to get lost under the information overload. If you are looking for a few valid opinions and sports predictions for college football, here are some suggestions.

Sports is one such website that has a separate navigation page solely devoted to college football. The layout is very clean and linear. Right under the site's main logo, you will find a horizontal navigation bar that offers sports predictions for Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League and of course college football, among others. Clicking on the "College" link will take you to a listing of all the NCAA colleges - from here you can pick the teams that you are interested in. Clicking on a specific team will take you to that team's page, which Sports updates on a regular basis. The news articles are grouped by sport, highlighting the top three stories or standings of the day. You can click on the archive for older posts as well, and this news should give you a clearer picture on how your team is expected to perform come game day. This can also be quite helpful for fantasy league players, as player stats and the teams' win-loss percentages are also available.

CBS Sports, the official partner of the NCAA, also has a website dedicated to college football. Once you get to the site, the first page itself will highlight their predictions for who is going to win the various bowls. CBS sports writers and analysts contribute regularly to the site, and most articles can be seen in a condensed form on the opening page. Clicking on the articles themselves will bring you to the full article, where the sports analyst can give you the reasons for his predictions. Depending on how strong you feel his argument is, you can decide on whether or not his predictions have any merit. The site also encourages feedback from its readers; all you will need to do is locate the "post a comment" box at the end of the article. Analysts and sports writers will more often than not reply to your comments, and in the end, you may come away with more than you knew in the first place. Many of these writers are sports insiders as well, and they can see the trends in coaching and player performance readily.


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