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Football has been a game enjoyed by colleges for more than a century, and yet you would not recognize the sport as it was first played on November 6, 1869 at New Brunswick, New Jersey. When Princeton and Rutgers first played this game, there were 25 players for each side, and it was played on a huge field 120 yards long and 75 yards wide.

After some years, several improvements to the game were introduced. It was in 1875 when the ball was changed into an egg-shaped leather-covered ball. The next year, the crossbar was added to the goalpost at 10 feet high and the field was reduced to having only 15 players for each side. But it was only when Walter Camp, a former Yale player, revised the rules that this game began to look like it is today.

During its earlier years, players were extremely vulnerable to injuries because of a tactic used at that time, the “flying wedge.” This was eventually outlawed, as so many players became injured when run over by the rampaging team. Nowadays, even with all the improvements in regulations and safety gear, this sport still has plenty of injuries.

The college football system of determining a champion in the Bowl Championship Series is unlike in any other sport. It has a series of “bowl games” and sportswriters and other non-players choose the annual national championship contenders by voting. At a basic level, teams must win at least 6 games during the season to be “bowl eligible.” The teams’ conference rank will determine if they will be invited to a bowl game.

Football forecasts are prized in this country, and college students and college alumni regularly check the college football picks to know which teams have good records and rankings. Several sports newspapers and magazines allocate a special portion for football picks of the season. Sports writers and their staff compile the results of bowl games and keep track of teams’ win-loss records. These are then placed in charts to show which teams are eligible for the Bowl Championship Series where the top two college football teams are pitted against each other.

With the entry of the Internet, college football picks are also made by several websites that focus on college football games and team rankings. Online you will also see the various charts of the different bowl championship games taking place throughout the end of the year.

Those sports newspapers and magazines, and even those websites that focus on college football championships, all vie to prove that their top college football picks are the ones who will emerge as bowl champions, season after season. If you want to know which newspaper or website is a more reliable source, check their data. Which years did they really get the college football picks right?

Football has evolved through the years, but the excitement it breeds and the loyalty it instills are legendary. Although the present trend is for college football players to be treated as superstars, and the focus is on them instead of the game, still its place in the pantheon of games is assured. The coaches and players who gave their all college football have made this the most popular game for the past five decades.


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