How To Find Football Field Diagrams

Football game

You may be a true-blue football fan, or you’re interested in launching a profession related to the sport. Whatever your reason might be for wanting to find a football field diagram, here are some great tips to help you get started.

  1. Search the Internet. Thankfully, the Internet proves to be a rich resource of football information, including football field diagrams. You can type “football field diagram” into your preferred search engine, and then choose which ones seem to be most reliable. Use your sound judgment and common sense in choosing; you could lean towards diagrams that come from reputable sports associations (such as the NCAA or the American Football Association) to make sure that the diagram you are obtaining is valid and has standard measurements. It is also a good idea to have background knowledge on what a football field looks like (see numbers 2, 3 and 4) so that you will know for certain if the diagram you are obtaining is correct.
  2. Be familiar with what a football field looks like. How in-depth your knowledge of a football field should be depends on your reasons for getting to know about it. For example, if you’re interested in getting to know more about football as a hobby, then be advised that you don’t have to know the exact dimensions of a football field; getting the basic idea of how it looks would most likely be enough. However, if you want to get started as a football coach or sports writer, then you would have to be familiar with more intricate details of the field. Generally, some of the information you would need are the following: how long the playing field/total field is and what is found within. You should also be acquainted with basic terms such as hash marks, end zone, goal post and yardage markers, to help you better understand the components of a football field.
  3. Visit football arenas. It’s a good idea to look at football fields yourself – this is the best visual that would really help you be familiar with this subject. Try to walk or run the length of the field, get the feel of the space, and closely observe other field components such as the yardage and hash marks. If you have time to visit different football fields, then you could even do a comparison of each of them. The idea here is not to try to measure the whole perimeter and area of the football field, but to experience what it’s like to work with the dimensions of the playing area. You could also make an appointment with an employee or an official at the football arena so you could ask them firsthand more detailed questions about the football field (its history, the modifications that have been made and why, how it compares to other football fields). You might even ask for a copy of their field plan and layout, along with the measurements.
  4. Watch football games on video. You may have enjoyed watching football games, but this time, you could opt to concentrate on the technical aspects of the sport. You may observe details such as how long it usually takes for a player to run the distance of the field, and what are the hotspots on the field (or where most of the action happens). This way you will not only know the components of the football field but how players work with them.


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