How To Find Golf Club Reviews

With so many golf club choices out there, who could possibly choose?  Golf club reviews can help you with this problem and provide information on which golf clubs you want and what type of clubs are right for you.  There are many reviews for golf clubs. All have different opinions and can help you very much, but sometimes it might be difficult to find such reviews.

The first and most obvious place to look for golf club reviews would be on the internet.  Just use any search engine, and you can find some great reviews by online golf shops, customers, and players.  

  • Most online golf shop reviews are generally going to say that the clubs are great and entice you to buy them because they want more business.
  • Reviews by customers are usually more accurate.  Reviews may say, "These clubs are great for beginners," or "These golf clubs are ideal for a golfer with excellent ball striking and provide amazing workability".  You can usually trust reviews by customers. 
  • Player reviews are also extremely helpful and accurate.  Some reviews might say, "The clubs look great in your bag and provide the excellent feel and control you look for," or "These golf clubs tend to scratch easy and rust."  Overall, for golf club reviews on the internet, look for reviews from customers and players, and try to avoid reviews by online golf shops.

Another great place to look for golf club reviews is on the driving range at your local golf course.  Check out the clubs that people are using, and ask them if they like them.  You will generally get some great reviews from these people.  You can speak to them face to face, and might find out some pros or cons that you would otherwise never even know about.  Some people will even let you try their golf clubs, which is great. This way you can try the club for yourself and see if it works for you.

Another good place to look for golf club reviews is at your local golf shop.  The people working at these shops are usually very knowledgeable and can answer any of your questions.  But again with it being a store that wants to sell more, they will probably say good things about all the golf clubs and skip over the bad.  However, the other customers shopping in the store may know about the clubs and might be able to assist you.


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