How To Find Pro Football Picks

Finding football picks out there is not hard to do.  The question is whether you can find quality football picks.  Football fans aren't asking for every pick to be correct, but they do want quality information when those picks are made.  They want to hear from people who played in the NFL.  They also want to hear from people like Cris Carter who can speak eloquently.  Eloquence is something that you learn as a broadcasting major, but many of these former sports stars do not have that background.

The first place to look for football picks is probably on the network shows.  Fox Sports has a weekly show that features the likes of Jay Glazer and Jason Sehorn making football picks which are typically reasonable in their scope.  The show did lose one of its best co-hosts in Eddie George; ever since this has happened the football picks simply aren't as accurate.  Eddie George, the former Titans running back, was also one of the most articulate commentators on the show.

The commentators on the Best Damn Sports Show Period tend to make some fairly accurate football picks.  Some of the insights that a quarterback like Rodney Peete was able to offer on the show was very helpful when making football picks on a weekly basis.  Peete spent time as a quarterback in the NFL with numerous teams, and his college days were spent at the University of Southern California with the Trojans.  Peete was a well respected professional during his time in the NFL and was known as a quarterback who knew what he was talking about.

The guys over at ESPN usually give fairly accurate information when making football picks.  The situations and anecdotes that commentators like Mike Ditka make are typically very amusing, even though some of his football picks can be a little bit out there.  Ditka's give-and-take with host Chris Berman when they are making football picks is entertaining.  

The fact that Emmitt Smith will no longer be on their programming at ESPN making football picks should make things better as well.  The unnecessary banter between Steve Young and Emmitt Smith will allow the other commentators to spend more time discussing the reasons for their picks.  Football picks made on these shows can be valuable because some of these commentators can be called up on radio shows and questioned as to whether the reasoning behind their picks is solid.


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