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In sports, predictability is not so predictable. It is true that coaches have certain tendencies they lean on during critical moments of a game. Players also lean on the physical attributes that ushered them onto the national stage of sports greatness and become predictable. Even certain officials make calls that are as predictable as their own views of the game. However, there is absolutely one thing that is truly unpredictable- the score. If you're looking for the most predictable of the unpredictable, however, check out these tips to learn about the Harmon Football Forecast.

For decades, sports broadcasters, gamblers and the everyday average Joe have flirted with the impossibility of guessing a score correctly. Because of the lack of grounded research, bettors have lost millions of hard earned dollars on the unpredictability of football scoring. I can almost hear the anger of those that have been taken for a losing ride in football betting by using forecasts, models, trend analysis and just plain old "give it the old college try" guesswork!

After my own research, I have discovered hundreds websites listed on the Internet that pay homage to the "guess the score" gods. Few sites do not offer much more than situational based charts that lean toward those predictable natures of officials, athletes and coaches. However, one Internet site, The Harmon Forecast, found easily under its affiliation with CBS Sports seems to break this traditional mold.

The Harmon Forecast, which was established over fifty years ago, provides in-depth analysis, football statistics and verifiable information to help predict scores and game statistics specifically for college and professional football. An average visit for any football fan will open Pandora's Box to team and individual statistics, past football predictions, past scores and history. It is a goldmine of information for any football fan.

If you are a devoted fan of fantasy football games, then The Harmon Forecast becomes an essential piece of your game-day strategy. In fantasy football, the overall score is not as important as is the person scoring. The Harmon Forecast provides some of the best coverage on how players typically play against another team. The analysis and statistics that are given become a benchmark for many followers on Sunday hoping to take home that first place trophy in their league.

The Harmon Forecast is a predictable map that lends itself to the captain of each ship sailing on an often mysterious, frustrating and unpredictable sea. It may not lead you to the lost city of gold, but it will help ease the steadiness of your hand as you guide your vessel into uncharted waters.


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