How To Find Used Gun Prices

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Finding a good used gun price should be fairly easy even in this economy.  Gun sales have seen an uptick in recent months, presumably over fears of the possibility of new gun control legislation being passed.  It truly depends upon the model, as far as the prices go, for each used gun.  A used gun for Smith&Wesson can sometimes cost twice as much as one that was manufactured by Eagle Imports.  You can find many of these used guns on the individual company's websites, and they typically have some of the prices listed there.

Used gun prices can vary depending on whether you are talking about rifles or talking about hand guns.  The Glock 17 rifle, for example, can cost between three hundred to eight hundred dollars depending upon the ability of the semi-automatic rifle.  These types of guns take a lot of skill to shoot.  As opposed to the Glock, however, the Marlin firearm can range from five hundred dollars to seventeen hundred dollars. These types of prices show the great variance in firearms that are out there.  Some of the Glock and Marlin firearms that you can find to buy online typically go back as far as 1984.

Some of the gun prices depend upon what type of wood was used in order to manufacture the gun.  If you are talking about walnut wood in the stock, you know that you are talking about a quality, dependable piece of wood.  Obviously where the gun is manufactured is going to make a huge difference in regards to the price as well.  If the gun is manufactured within the United States, of course, it is likely going to cost more than if it was manufactured somewhere in Asia, for example.  

The firearms that are made with steel, at least in many situations, are cheaper than the wood-framed guns. This can be due to the fact that so many cheap steel imports can be found now in places like China.  American-made steel companies like Nucor, on the other hand, are struggling and certainly aren't getting as many contracts dealing with the manufacturing of guns as they use to.  

With the War on Terror likely to continue for some time, look for gun manufacturers to get plenty of orders for semi-automatic weapons, as troops continue to try to defend themselves.  With these increased orders, look for the price of some of these rifles to be somewhat inflated.  This is part of the basic rule of supply and demand.


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