How To Follow the Ongoing MLB Steroids Scandal

Remember when baseball was America's game? Back when there was nothing better to do on a weekend afternoon than to sit back with a hot dog in your hand and enjoy a good old game of baseball? The sport and its players have come a long way since then.

Now Major League Baseball (MLB) is embroiled in a bitter steroids scandal, with some of its premiere stars caught in the spotlight. Take for example March 12, when former home run record-holder Mark McGwire was named several times in a report on steroid use in the MLB back in the early 1990s. Things have only snowballed from there, with more famous names like Jose Canseco, Manny Ramirez, and even A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) popping up in the discussions. Many fans are left wondering: which of the players are legit? Are there even any real athletes left in the MLB?

It's a sad thing to see America's favorite pastime going on this downward spiral of substance abuse. And yet, as a true fan of the game, you'll want to keep up to date on any news regarding your favorite sport and its players, no matter how bad it may be. You'll want to be able to follow the ongoing MLB steroids scandal as much as you can. Maybe you'll listen in the hopes that your idol is proven innocent. Maybe you'll tune in to the news because you're hoping for the game's salvation to come shining through in the midst of this chaos. Maybe you're just really into baseball gossip. Whatever it is, you'll want to keep track of the MLB's goings-on regarding the matter.

A good place to start is in the newspaper. The sports pages will have the day's most relevant information on the topic more often than not. Whether it's commentary by well-known political figures, like when Rudy Giuliani was quoted by press as finding the use of steroids "sickening" back in 2007; or when A-Rod gave a less-than-convincing interview with ESPN's Peter Gammons earlier this year, you can be assured that the papers will have it covered.

You can also check sports news on television. ESPN's coverage of the scandal is in-depth and comprehensive, with analyses worthy of its world-renowned name. The Fox Sports Network (FSN) and other sports networks are also good sources of steroid scandal information on television. If worse comes to worst, the sports segment on your local news programs will have the most breaking news on the scandal.

Nowadays, however, the best place to look at may be the Internet. Sports websites like Yahoo! Sports are updated as the news breaks, giving you up-to-the-minute reports on what's going on with the steroid scandal. You can find its extensive range of news, from rumors to blog entries to press releases and more, at sports. You can also expect baseball-dedicated sites like Bleacher Report at bleacherreport to have updated news on the steroid scandal, along with a few enlightening editorials. If all else fails, Google it. Search for "MLB steroid scandal 2009" for the latest word on the scandal.


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