How To Follow Wimbledon Tennis

Each year, thousands of tennis lovers gather in an area of greater London known as Wimbledon to watch the world's greatest tennis players battle for the coveted silver cup.  If you are one of these tennis fans, then attending this event has probably been a lifelong dream. Unfortunately, tickets are hard to find, and quite expensive.  So you're forced to follow Wimbledon tennis from the comfort of your living room couch. Here's are a few tips to make this viewing experience more pleasant this year.

First, remember that the tournament is played in the last week of June, and the first week in July.  Matches will never be played on that middle Sunday, barring a rain delay during the previous week's play.  Plan your schedule accordingly so you don't miss a single match.

It will make it much simpler to follow Wimbledon tennis if you brush up on the game's basic rules.  This is also a great opportunity to teach your children about the complexities of tennis.  You might even inspire one of them to discover his or her own passion for the game.

Even before the first tennis ball is served, coverage of the tournament will begin.  You can find information about your favorite players from several sources, including television, the internet, and sports magazines. When the tournament does begin, your best option for viewing specific matches is your TV.  If you have cable, the best coverage will be found on British television stations.  If not, watch your local listing for the dates and times certain matches will be aired.  The singles, both men and women, and doubles matches will be played on all the courts during the first rounds, so several matches will not be aired.

The internet is a great tool to utilize for updates when you are away from your home. Your computer is also the best source to find matches that were not broadcast on television.  Keep an eye out for your favorite player.  If he or she makes it to the finals, why not watch this all-important match in style?  Invite a few of your fellow tennis enthusiasts over, and have a Wimbledon-themed party.  You can really go all out, and serve the traditional foods and beverages enjoyed each year by the spectators in the stands, including the tournament's best-known dish: strawberries and cream.  Have fun watching the tournament, but once it's over, let the athlete's determination inspire you to turn off your television set and hit the tennis courts yourself this summer!


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