How To Get Cricket Live Scores

Keeping up with live cricket scores is easier than ever before with the internet. No matter where you are or what country's cricket team you want to follow, it is possible with the right website or mobile application.

One website where you can find live cricket scores in on, provided by ESPN. Once you are on, just click on the live scores tab near the top of the page. The scores for all current live cricket games are listed by GMT zone time and date. The site updates every minute.

You can also receive live cricket scores on your mobile devices by typing into your phone browser the link from Snaptu.

Snaptu is a downloading application that will give you simple directions for how to use it. After you have downloaded Snaptu, locate the icon on your cell phone menu and click on it to activate the application. When the Snaptu page opens up look for the icon to click on. If you do not find the icon, then click on Menu and Add Application. Find the icon and select Add. The icon will then be added to the homepage and you will be able to click on it to start the service.

If you have an I-phone, you can use the new Apple App for live cricket scores Mobicast by going to All three of these mobile score providing links are free, only your service provider’s fees would apply. also provides a live scorecard, which has all the scores listed on the website without all of the advertising graphics. It is convenient for emailing or blogging with Windows Live. When on, click on live scorecard. A separate window will open with the scorecard version of all the live scores. Then you can right click on the scorecard and choose to email with Windows Live or blog with Windows Live.

You can also have a desktop scorecard for easy access on your PC. When on the website, click on desktop scorecard. A separate window will open with the live scores of all the current cricket matches. You can keep this window open on your desktop to see the scores as they update.

Both the live scorecard and the desktop scorecard have blue tooth access.  Now with technology and a few clicks you can cheer your team on to victory, any time, anywhere!


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