How To Get Free Softball Equipment

Finding affordable softball equipment in this economy is tough.  Occasionally corporations such as Foot Locker or Dick's Sporting Goods will help purchase softball equipment to give away to young people at no charge to them.  Even though Pat Summitt made her name as a coach in women's basketball, I know she has been crucial in donating funds to local sports leagues for youth particularly in the Knoxville, Tennessee, area. Charitable donations are a great way to get young people involved in sports who would otherwise not get involved due to a lack of resources. The Lautenberg Foundation, which was founded by Senator Frank Lautenberg and his family, has been known to invest funds in after school sports programs such as local softball teams for the cities of Trenton and Newark.

Sports team owners such as Leslie Alexander, who owns the Houston Rockets basketball team, has also taken the time to invest in youth sports such as softball in the Houston area.  If you are interested in going the direct charitable route to find free softball equipment, there are websites out there that can lead you in the right direction. can lead you to places where you can find free softball equipment that is sponsored by Dunham Sports.  Dunham Sports is one of the lesser known competitors of a Dick's Sporting Goods.  The free softball equipment that Dunham may offer an organization is probably just as good as what Dick's Sporting Goods could offer. This is despite the fact that Dunham's profits typically aren't as large in comparison to DSG and they aren't a publicly traded company who can lean on shareholders for extra capital. Investment goals can sometimes blind people and they forget about charitable works as is.

Major League Baseball and the teams involved within it raise funds and donate money to give to destitute children within certain parts of the country and around the world.  I am sure that if you got in touch with the right people that those funds could be used to buy softball supplies as well if needed.  If you able to reach specific players through their representatives such as Jennie Finch or Gary Sheffield they would be glad to contribute funds through their foundations or just merely hold individual fundraisers for a worthy cause. Players who play on the Team USA women's softball team would be more than happy to help raise funds for free softball equipment.  You just have to have the necessary contacts to ask them.


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