How To Get Golf Tips

If you're serious enough about your golf game to want some tips on how to play various shots, you need to give some serious thought about how to go about it.  This is important if you want to improve.

When you ask for, and receive, golf tips that turn out to be incorrect or fundamentally flawed, you have no one to blame but yourself.  There are several sources to consider before you embark on a new practice strategy:

  • If you have a friend who is a skilled and knowledgeable golfer, that's a good place to ask for tips on your golf game.  But make sure you pick someone who really knows what he or she is talking about.  Bad advice can be fatal.
  • Books and magazines are excellent sources for golf tips; however, some of them are a bit too complicated and hard to understand for golfers who aren't familiar with all the technical terms.
  • The Internet is another good source for golf tips.  Many of the newsletters have excellent articles about different shots and clubs. You can also order useful instructional videos online.
  • If you're just a beginner, a PGA professional or the good friend is the best route to go.  The PGA professional, who is a good teacher, is hard to beat.  The key words there are "who is a good teacher."  Pros are expensive and not all of them are competent communicators.  Check with some of your playing companions who have taken lessons from the pro you are considering using before you sign up for a bunch of expensive lessons.  If you find a skilled teaching pro, your results will be gratifying because he or she will become familiar with your game and guide you with solid golfing tips.
  • The public library is another excellent source for golfing tips.  You can check out books and magazines that are full of golfing tips, and instructional videos that are helpful.  Don't be bashful; call your local reference desk and ask for help.

The best two avenues to pursue in looking for useful golf tips are the PGA professional and the skilled amateur who is a friend.  Using either of these two sources, you will receive hands-on instruction on how to improve your golf game.  As you become a better golfer, some of the print and video alternatives will become easier to understand and more beneficial.


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