How To Get Tickets to the Australian Open

From Jack Crawford in the 1930s to Serena Williams in 2007 the Australian Open has been home to tennis champions from around the world. Held each year in the month of January, the Grand Slam tennis tournaments kick off with the Australian Open at the Melbourne Park. Men’s and women’s singles competitions are held all year round including junior and master’s competitions and mixed doubles. Weather conditions can be harsh in the region with the extreme summer heat which Australia is known for, but it does not deter the throngs of tennis fans from watching their favorite tennis players challenge each other on the tennis court. There is a retractable roof in the arena to protect both the players and the spectators from the hot sun. A lot of changes have been made to the court and the arena itself to minimize the heat from affecting both the players and spectators. Tennis tournaments at the Australian Open always have a high number of spectators in attendance.

  1. Purchase tickets only from authorized dealers. You should always make sure that the tickets you purchase for the Australian Open is authentic and purchased from authorized dealers or agencies. Check the authenticity and purchase only from one of these three agents: Official Australian Open Tour Operator, Ticketek, or the Official Australian Open Hospitality Package. You could be holding a fake ticket and won’t be able to enter the venue. If you have children 3 to 16 years of age, you can purchase reserved seats for them, but those who are 17 and over get the standard adult price.
  2. Restricted view. There are areas in the arena that can hamper your view of the tennis court. Signs and handrails will partially affect your view if you are seated in the front rows. You will have to check your ticket if it falls within these areas.
  3. Ground Passes. You can purchase a ground pass ticket that will enable you to access the tournaments on all the outside courts.

After 5 - The after 5 ground pass ticket will gain you access to the tournaments including the ones played outside, after 5. Most people who have are off work at these hours purchase these tickets.

Any 5 day - A discounted ticket will gain you access to the outside courts on any of the Australian Open’s five days.

There are travel packages for those who want to avail of special prices but you need to make early reservations as these can fill up right away. You can also get memberships that will give you discounted tickets and special privileges.


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