How To Go Coyote Hunting

In order to go coyote hunting, there are a few basic steps you need to take, including safety measures. First locate a good area for hunting coyote, read up on what they like to eat and get some bait. You'll probably need to get a caller that makes the sound of another coyote in order to attract the animal. When you go coyote hunting, you will most likely find them downwind of whatever food source is around.

Going coyote hunting requires some moving about, so find yourself a good pair of boots to walk in, otherwise you'll be in pain and not have any fun. Setting up a stand or two is important to hunt from, this way you are up and out of sight. In a pasture or field you can stalk closer if you have the wind in your face and you are very quiet. The best time to get a coyote is when he is sleeping. Coyotes sleep during the day since they are nocturnal. This way you can be right upon him and hardly have any trouble getting a good shot. Coyotes are mostly active during early morning and late evening, so keep this in mind while hunting.

Before hunting, however, be sure to have yourself an excellent gun that works properly, or you can use a bow. Bring a friend along with you for the hunting trip in case something goes wrong, this way he or she can help you in case of an emergency. There is specific clothing you'll also need when you go coyote hunting in order to blend in with the environment. Get clothing that is comfortable, dry and warm for colder seasons,and for warmer seasons you'll need something loose fitting but still comfortable. If you're not comfortable while hunting, you're not going to have fun and won't be very successful in getting your target. Find a jacket that is rainproof, has a hood and large pockets to carry stuff in, and never bring something with you that makes extra noise like a cell phone. Your phone going off could scare away your prey.

Bring pants that are strong and not easy to tear, this way they last a long time for future coyote hunting trips. When you go coyote hunting you will also need binoculars in order to scope out your target to see where they are moving, and from your position you can figure out the best way to approach the pack. Before you go out to the field or pasture where you will be hunting, be sure to bring a pair of gloves to protect your hands from the cold or wetness if it's raining.


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