How To Go to the PBR Finals

What sport gives you the feeling of participation as you watch the duel between man and beast?  It's the PBR Finals.  It's the sport where one can experience all the physical emotions of the body and mind.  Along with the bull rider, you feel the joy of hearing that 8 second buzzer, or sense the anguish of being thrown before the buzzer.  You'll cry when your hero is down and laugh when he completes a successful ride. You're there for the thrill that overtakes you as that gate is flung open and the two combatants emerge.  You are there, not only as a spectator, but as a silent participant.  In your mind you are on that bull too, feeling the the rhythm of the rider and the bull. As each cowboy and bull strut their stuff you will never see the same ride twice.  Each rider and every bull shows their unique styles each time they are in the arena.

The PBR Finals brings together all the great bull riding athletes for the year. You can check out the bull riders by going to Professional Bull Riders, Inc. on the internet at They come from all occupations in life, and aspire for the coveted title of World Champion.  You are there to ride along with them, for the full eight seconds or shorter as the case may be.  You come to watch the cowboys compete against each other and against the bulls.  Yes, even the bulls earn a title at the PBR Finals.

You may be sitting in the stands or near the chute, from where you can watch as the rider positions himself on the back of his foe and wraps his hand with the only thing the cowboy hangs onto during the ride, the bull rope. You will smell the dust that is being stirred by the pawing of hoofs from the anxious bull.  You tense from the snorting and heavy breathing of this large beautiful creature.

These athletes need stamina, skill, and perseverance to make it to the PBR Finals.  Going to the PBR Finals in Las Vegas will be one of the most exciting experiences you can have in your lifetime. If you haven't already purchased your PBR Finals tickets, now is the time. Go to, or visit (you can also call them at 1-800-739-0339), or (1-800-660-6031), so you will be able to savor the moment when it happens.  If you start searching for airline tickets well in advance of the PBR Finals, you should be able to find a great deal on round-trip tickets to Las Vegas; you may even be able to get a nice package deal that gives you a discount on your hotel room.

So buy your tickets, pack your bags, mark your date, and go the PBR Finals.


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