How To Adjust a Rifle Scope

The ingenuity of adding a scope in a rifle gives you that precise and accurate view from far beyond. It helps you to be more focused on the target at sight and with great skill could hit the mark even at the first try. But with constant use, the rifle scope might lose focus due to the recoil of the shot over time.

Adjusting the rifle scope regularly is recommended every time you use it. This ensures that you will always have that clear view with pinpoint accuracy. To help you more, here are simple steps to adjust your rifle scope.

  • Initially place your rifle on a work table safe from accidental firing. Try to locate the adjustment knobs of your rifle scope. Be familiar with these knobs and if you have your manual, carefully read through each usage.
  • Have an object of reference placed in an open area before adjusting the focus of your scope. The fixed object across the distance from your position will be your guide in adjusting the focus of your scope. Steadily point your rifle scope to your object of reference and carefully adjust your bore and scope adjustments until the object is visible with less blur.
  • Then proceed to fine tuning your scope. Though the models may vary, you will usually see two alignment wheels, which are used to adjust both the vertical or horizontal plane of your scope. Carefully turn each wheel while looking through your scope. Have small increments of adjustment in line with your object of reference. You will see that as you finely tune the scope, you will have a more defined and sharp view of your target.
  • After adjusting the scope for that perfect view, the next step is to set the crosshair. It will serve as an additional guide to hit your target flawlessly. Make sure that it is parallel and is adjusted accordingly with your scope. Correctly placed crosshairs will dramatically increase your accuracy rate with your rifle shots.
  • It is vital to keep a straight line of sight while working on your scope. Be careful not to change position, or move the scope of the rifle as the slightest change could affect its focal alignment. Remember that it’s better to do things the first time around.
  • Check the adjustments of your rifle scope by having a few rounds at a firing range. Repeat the process until you are satisfied. Note that it is necessary to have actual shots when adjusting a rifle scope.

To learn more about the tricks of the trade, you can always seek help from your trusted fellow enthusiasts or your local gun shop to help you. They could give additional insights and share from their previous experiences on how to adjust the scope in real time action.

It takes time and practice to develop your skills in adjusting your rifle scope. Eventually, you will learn the ticks of your own rifle and have it adjusted to perform at its peak. Now you can use your rifle scope and fire away hitting for that bulls eye!


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