How To Approach the Disc Golf Basket

Sports is a good way to get one's self away from boredom. Among the conventional sports, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and soccer are the most popular sports that most teenagers engage in. Apart from all these usual sports, there are also sports which people are not acquainted or unfamiliar with. Disc golf, which is also known as Frisbee golf, is one. This sport is a lot like the traditional ball golf where there is a specific target to reach. The two sports are, however, different on the equipment used as well as its targets. While golfers use balls and clubs, disc golf players use flying discs. These discs are thrown to a target, typically a steel basket where chains hang over. If you are a novice and very much interested in learning the most important shot in disc golf, continue reading for the steps on how to approach the disc golf basket.

  •  Prepare the flying discs that you are going to use for practice. There are different types of discs and each are specialized for the different types of shots in disc golf. Remember to use the right disc, which you are comfortable in throwing,  for a specific shot.
  • Familiar yourself with the different types of approach shot.
    • Straight shot. Use a midrange disc or a straight flying putter in making a straight shot. It is a straight shot when you throw a disc flying at around the height of your head straight into the disc golf basket.
    • Hyzer. The hyzer shot allows you to get the most distance that is relatively nearer to the target. This is a long arcing curve shot which tends to turn left if you use your right hand in throwing the disc and turn right if you use your left hand in doing the shot. However, this shot is only effective when done in an area with lots of open space.
    • Anhyzer. This is simply the opposite of the hyzer shot. Anhyzer shot needs more power in order to let the disc turn over and get around obstacles. But the problem with exerting much power in this kind of shot makes the disc fly in the wrong direction.
    • Hyzer Bomb. A hyzer bomb is used to go over tall obstructions that interferes between you and the disc gold basket. The throw may reach at a 75 degree angle.
    • Hammer Approach. This is an overhand throw allowing you to get over taller obstructions which a hyzer or anhyzer throw can't make. This is a bit different from hyzer shots because in this shot, the disc is thrown at an almost vertical angle.
    • Tower. A tower shot is a soft throw with enough spin to reach and drop straight down the golf disc basket. This shot is recommended during windless, warm days.
    • Base of the Pin. As the name suggests, the goal of this shot is to approach near the base of the pin. Throw the approach disc with enough power allowing the disc to fly at about 1 meter above the ground and  landing at the base of the pin.
    • Skip Shot. The skip shot is applicable if over hanging obstacles preventing you to create a smooth throws of any the above-mentioned shots. In this shot, you let the disc bounce under the obstructions and up directly to the golf disc basket.
  • Take note of mid point targeting, an aiming technique used in disc golf. This allows you to focus straight to the disc golf basket as you determine how hard or how much power to exert upon releasing or throwing the flying disc.
  • Practice each shot, one after another. This will allow you to effectively approach the disc golf basket. It is best to practice with a person who is fully acquainted with the sport. Not only will you have perfected doing the different shots, but it is also your way of grasping knowledge on the rules of the game.

Like any sports, disc golf has a lot of considerations that shouldn't be taken for granted by the players. As you get along with it all, you'll be able to know your strengths as well as the weaknesses that you have to work on.


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