How To Attract Sponsors for Mountain Biking Events

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Sponsors are crucial for the success of any event. Writing a proposal that will surely catch the targeted sponsors is equally important to managing logistical concerns of a mountain biking event. Here are some tips to follow to ensure your sponsorship proposal does not end up unread and put in the trash bin.

  1. Get to know your targeted sponsors.  Targeted sponsors have to be properly identified. They should be the manufacturers or vendors of specific products related to mountain biking.
  2. Compose a cover letter.  Start by introducing yourself or your organization. Then follow up with the mountain biking event name and objective. Give out the details in sequence, such as the date and venue, and the estimated number of participants. End your letter with a statement that explains how their support is much needed for the success of the event.
  3. Present clear sponsorship packages.  Attached a table to your letter that outlines the various sponsorship packages. Start with the largest down to the smallest amount. Arrange the table to show equivalent benefits for each amount, such as media exposure, marketing materials placement, etc. On another page, devise a reply form where the prospective sponsor can indicate which package they would like to take. Always leave an open option in case they don't want to take any of the packages.
  4. Make that courtesy call.  Retailers or manufacturers will most likely read your mountain biking sponsorship proposal if you have given them a call prior to sending the letter in.
  5. Follow up on your sponsorship proposal.  Making follow up calls or emails to your targeted sponsors assures that they do not forget your request. Emphasize the benefits they will reap from sponsoring your mountain biking event.
  6. Thank them.  Whether they pledge to support your event or ignore your proposal altogether, it is highly important to thank them for their time. Thanking them and reporting the outcome of the event will be greatly appreciated by sponsors.

Know the individuals in an organization who have the power to make or influence financial decisions, and clearly show them the advantages of getting into a sponsorship deal with you. This can go a long way to ensuring success in your search for sponsorship.


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