How To Be a Good Little League Baseball Coach

You’re probably wondering what it takes to be like that little league coach—screaming around the field to a bunch of kids as if the world depended on it. And yes, sometimes it makes one wonder “what exactly do they have that makes those kids go about?” More importantly (especially if you’re already a little league coach), you constantly ask “How exactly does one become a good little league baseball coach?”

Here are a few ways on how you can become a good little league baseball coach:

Patience. Patience. Patience. And more patience. Everything starts with having the fortitude in what you are doing. Remember that in this job, you will always be dealing with children. This would require having to withstand every tantrum or issue a child may have.

Establish authority. Those kids would have to know who the head honcho is so that when you give out orders, they know its business. Teach your team about organization and discipline and how it can improve the performance of the team greatly.

Establish a bond of trust with the children. Open your mind for their questions. The moment you sign up as the coach for these rascals is the minute you become a parent to all of them. Show them you are fair in giving comments and compliments. Be there to address their needs as a player and as a growing child. When they trust you with their heart, they follow you the same way.

Take their moms and dads into consideration. This can be tricky as they tend to overreact with the littlest of issues. Remind yourself that it is normal for a parent to feel the need to defend their child from any harm, even when you only mean to point out a mistake that their child can learn from. Put yourselves in their shoes to be able to know where they’re coming from. Ensure them that their child is in good hands the same way you’d want to be assured if you were the parent and that was your child out there.

Rotation plays an important role in character building. Let’s face it, not all the children in your team would have the same amount of skill in baseball. Make sure everyone gets their turns on being on the pitcher’s mound for at least once; even if he is not exactly the best pitcher you have. Teach them that this is not about winning the game but doing your best in the game.

Treat them as one of your equals. When you do so, they will appreciate the responsibility you give them and will therefore act as adults. Of course, there will still be times when they will be difficult since they are still kids. By doing so, you will give them that feel of responsibility they want to live up to.

Being a little league baseball coach can be tiring, but very fulfilling. It is important that you teach your team the importance of sportsmanship, camaraderie, team work and also passion. A good coach knows that these will help mold their character as they grow up and how he could influence his team just by sharing his passion.


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