How To Be Proficient in the Martial Arts

Learning martial arts is one thing, and becoming proficient in it is another. You see, learning martial arts is just like learning the basics of punching and kicking. Maybe it will include different kinds of punching and kicking. After knowing that, you have learned martial arts. But sad to say, you can’t call yourself a proficient artist unless you are a real trained, experienced, and almost an expert in martial arts.

So if your goal is beyond just learning martial arts, here are some tips on how to become proficient or an expert in the martial arts:

  • Practice. How did you learn the fighting techniques you now know? You practiced kicking, punching, or doing self defense, for sure. And through practice, you get the moves perfectly. Being proficient in martial arts works the same. You need to practice more advanced techniques so you can get them perfectly as well.
  • Patience. How long did it take before you at least learn how to do the proper round house? For sure, you tried several attempts to do that. More advanced techniques require more practice and therefore more time to wait. Being proficient in the martial arts also needs your patience. You won’t become an expert overnight. You work hard to be proficient and you work smart to become what you want. Just keep your patience—it may not be obvious but you are developing bit by bit.
  • Imagine. What’s wrong with some martial artists is that they lose their real purpose of studying martial arts. It should not be to hurt your enemies or empress the most popular girl or guy in your school. It should be used to protect yourself and others against the possibilities. Yes, possibilities—like possible kidnapper attacks, an insane murderer, or a rapist. You need to imagine how these people will probably attack you and you should prepare on that. Imagining how they will attack you will prepare you into dealing with the real scenario. Dealing with the real situation the right way makes you more proficient in the martial arts.
  • Keep fit. Your body is your weapon against possible attacks. How can you be proficient in the martial arts if your weapon is weak? That is why no matter how busy you are with work, studies, or family, you should commit time everyday to practice your body. Do some stretching, practice some techniques and engage in mental exercise. If you are not still used to doing regular exercise, just do it everyday for about 30 days. You’ll see, as long as you did it continuously for a month, it will become part of your routine without hassle.
  • Be disciplined. This is the most important thing you should have if you really want to be proficient in the martial arts. Be disciplined to practice, to imagine, to be fit, and to do everything that will make you a martial arts expert.

Congratulations on your desire to be proficient in the martial arts! Your desire is the first step to reach your greater goal. Simply keep the above pointers in mind and you’ll see, all your efforts will pay off in no time.


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