How To Become a PGA Professional

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You must love the game of golf to want to become a PGA Professional. The PGA stands for Professional Golfers Association which is an organization that sets up the professional golf events. But more than that the PGA promotes the game of golf by giving golf training, teach at golf programs and offer certification. The opportunities that become available to a PGA Professional is broad and not limited to the golf course. A PGA Professional will be able to manage pro golf clubs and pursue other management and administrative roles in the golf industry. Members include professional golf players and those who have accomplished the PGA Professional Golf Management Program.

  1. Eligible Employment Requirement. You have to be employed full time at any job when you register fort the PGA Professional Golf Management Program. And within twelve months before you register you should be able to show that you had a full time job for at least 6 months. Do not enter in any amateur golf or this one will take away all those work experience credits you worked hard for before the event.
  2. Pass the PAT. The PAT stands for Playing Aptitude Test. Within two years before registering for the PGA Professional Golf Management Program, you must pass 36-hole Playing Aptitude Test or have tried to pass at least twice.
  3. Fill out apprentice registration form and pay fees. Accomplish the apprentice registration form by filling out the information needed, reading and understanding the PRO or Professional Readiness Orientation, then sign and submit the form personally. Pay all the necessary apprentice fees and buy the Level 1 kit. Once all these procedures are done then you are considered a registered PGA apprentice.
  4. Residency and Education. To qualify for the program you have to be U.S. citizen or have a green card to show your status in the country. The age requirement for eligibility for membership is 18 years old you need to have graduated from high school or have attained a similar level of education.
  5. Work as an apprentice. Get work as a PGA apprentice for about three years and during this time try to earn work experience credits to total 36 credits. You get 12 credits for a four year college degree and you are awarded 6 credits for a college degree from any two year course.

These steps must be met to be eligible as a PGA Professional. As you become a PGA Professional you will be stepping into an exciting and fulfilling career in the sport you are passionate about. This is every golfer's dream and becoming a member will give you a better foundation in your career as a professional golfer.


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