How To Behave at a Bowling Alley

If you are looking for a relaxing night out that is not fancy or expensive but really fun and enjoyable, then a trip to a bowling alley might be your cup of tea. In reality, bowling is a past time that is favored by people of all ages and nationalities. The sport is fun while still giving an air to competition. Now, like all sports, bowling requires certain manners and decorum. So, the next time you go bowling, make sure that you are familiar with these appropriate behaviors while inside the establishment and as you engage in the sport.

  • Reservations. Bowling alleys typically offer alleys to walk in customers however, it is always recommended to call the establishment and reserve yourself a spot to play in. If the establishment is packed with people and you come in without a reservation, you may find yourself waiting for hours to get a lane to play on. Some people don’t like waiting and may get irritated and frustrated with the situation. To avoid this, make sure to call up the bowling alley to reserve a lane for your party or simple to check if the place is full.
  • Order. As soon as you enter the bowling alley, mosey on down to the counter and request for a lane. If you have a reservation, then they should have it on your system and direct you to the lane shortly. If you are a walk in, you may need to wait awhile until they can assign you a lane. On the other hand, if the place is full and you still want to get your fill of the sport, ask the attendant to put you on the waiting list in order to get a lane. Be patient and respectful with the attendant.
  • Shoes. Bowling alleys normally require a player to wear a specific type of shoe when playing in their lanes. They will never let a player take a lane wearing sneakers or leather shoes as this can damage the lane and may even be the cause of you getting an ankle injury. So, once a lane is assigned to you, make sure to rent a pair of bowling shoes for yourself from the counter. Tell the clerk your size and wait for him to find you a pair. Don’t worry; most bowling alleys disinfect their bowling shoes regularly. You may bring your own pair as well but make sure to let the clerk or attendant know that you have your own.
  • Ball. If you brought your own ball, then you no longer need to search the racks for a ball you can use. If you didn’t choose a good sized ball from the racks and quietly bring it with you to your lane.
  • Bowl. When bowling, always make sure that the lane beside you will have no one about to roll the ball down his or her respective lane. This is a traditional courtesy and a safety rule. If the lane beside you has a person about to roll his ball, wait for him to finish before doing your thing.

After your bowling session, return the shoes and the ball from where you got them and pay for the time you used at the counter. Make sure that you remove all your stuff from the lane you used so that the next party that will use it will have no trouble bowling.


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